We make a worldtrip


We are planning a worldtrip! Ok, at least a half one. 

All around the globe there is not likely to go, but at least til New Zealand. 

Klingt jetzt nicht so spektakulär. Viele Menschen fliegen nach Neuseeland. Stimmt!

Now, does not sound so spectacular. Many people fly to New Zealand. That‘s right! If there wouldn´t be the matter with the transport. Because we don´t want to fly, we want to drive. By land from the Austrian Alps across the Balkans to Persia, continued by the Russian Federation and South-East Asia to the great Coral Sea until where we finally reach the land of the Maori and the New Zealand Alps.

- from alp to alp -

That´s at least the plan.



Distance: 50.000 km

Countries: 23

Continents: 3

Climate Zones: 4

Time Zones: 11

Duration: 2,5 Jahre


Who are we?


... let´s start from scratch. 

We are my girlfriend Maria, our son Lennox and myself, Leander.

For over 10 years, we jointly explore the world with a backpack. Although always just for a few weeks, but with the ulterior motive longer or even further to travel. 

4 years ago, our son Lennox was born and when he was one year old, we spent several weeks with him in Thailand.  



And again came the idea of an extension - and it stayed.

But constantly to travel with a child, with a backpack, the photo equipment,... it was just too cumbersome and especially overpriced for us. 

And so we decided to buy an old truck and preparing him for a great trip. A journey indefinitely.

End of 2016. This is the deadline. In November 2016, we will cancel our native tents and hit the road for a long time.

WtF is Akela?

Now, explained classically means "Akela" in Hawaiian "noble - brave!" Not a bad approach, but this was not the main reason for our name.


I think we all know the "jungle book" of the British author Rudyard Kipling, in which the little orphan boy Mogli grows up in the Indian jungle near wolves. Akela, the lead wolf, takes Mogli, regardless of his origin, without prejudice in his wolf family, treats him as his own son, teaches him the laws of nature and animals, and gives him the safety of a family or a pack. The lead wolf guides his pack securely through forests, over mountains or steppes ...

A book that has accompanied me in my childhood and that we did not want to withhold our son. And he loves it. Like Mogli, Lennox loves nature and animals. Just talking to the animals, well ... there's still something missing.

Since we are the owner of our 911ér, the question how our truck should be called, always arises. He was supposed to get a name, and we all agreed on that. We did not want to just get in and go, the whole should get a face. It should arouse emotions and convey something ...

We brought many attriubtes together so far, which covered our trip nicely, but there was nothing crisp to the point. Keywords such as freedom, adventure, family, values ​​... were high on the agenda, just to name a few of them. If you combine all this, limpartiality, the love of nature and animals, the desire for something new, and especially the affiliation of a family, we were all clear - we were all Akela. Maria, Lennox, Leander and our truck. Our pack consists of 4 members.

Akela was from now on the name of our truck. In a transferred sense sense our lead wolf. He will not only protect us from the cold and heat in the coming years, he will also contribute a great deal to our safety. He will drive us through forests, mountains and steppes, ice and snow, heat and rain.

And we as a family live in it. He will be our home for the next few years.

Not that it is not important for us being a family at home. But we are convinced that this adventure brings us closer together again. And the word "family" for us will get another value.





A dream of a vintage car, 
originally designed for the Federal Border Guard,
was lovingly restored by us in laborious little work.

Now, together with us, he is going on a long journey
where borders should no longer be obstacles.

Existing resources utilized and adapted to our needs.

Irony of fate?!



4 Roomapartment – 12m2


Beginning with the spacious bedroom and children's area, to a wellness oasis with a bathroom and toilet, an office with a view that even Chuck Norris would become envious and not to forget, an open-accessible residential landscape is all in our round glamor.

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  • Name:   Akela
  • Type:   Mercedes Benz LA911B
  • Build year:   1977
  • Power:   130HP
  • Weight:   ca. 9t
  • Living space:   approx. 12m2




And why in an old truck?
Why give up a "comfortable" life and move to close 12m2
- in sets of three - for an indefinite period?
Safety and comfort in exchange to uncertainty and reduction?

 Well, there isn´t a specific reason, there are many. Freedom, adventure, escape, family, time ...

Reasons that evolved with the time of our lives. For us, this world trip is not just a journey - it is a way of life. An attitude that eventually moved us to a trip around the world. My girlfriend and I are traveling all around the globe for more than 10 years together. Always close to nature and interested in foreign cultures. Curious, she, and adventurous, me! 

Immersion in the everyday life of foreign countries. A feeling that probably only travelers can understand. A feeling as if time would stand still - absolute freedom. Yet, this feeling always went by too quickly and before we knew it, the everyday life was again.
4 years ago, our son was born. And somehow everything began with him.
The time was even scarcer than it was - and it was precious. Priorities shifted itself. We wanted to spend as much time with our son as possible, bring him closer to the whole world. Even a world away from our „dream world“. But time is a precious and rare commodity especially, that we are all wasting too careless. Time to focus on the essentials. Time for us, time for our son, time together to discover the beauty of this planet, time to live really!

The idea for the next 10, 20 or 30 years just to continue live as the past 10 years, encouraged us to think about. Not that we have a bad life, but do we really want to live like this? Is this life as we imagine for our family? Hardly likely...
A circumstance that isn´t hard for us to cancel our tents and leave „our world“ for some time. Dipping into new worlds.
When Lennox, our son, was one year old, we traveled with a backpack for almost 5 weeks to Thailand. And again the feeling of freedom came... but this time it was different somehow. Intense and exhausting at the same time. Even financially. A dream destination of us has always been New Zealand. But flights for 3 people and a camper for 2-3 months cost a lot of money. Too much „merely“ for a holiday.

And eventually it fell like scales from the eyes. This time everything should be different. A journey indefinitely, a new phase of life. Independent and free from scheduling constraints. Only we as a family. We want to bring the diversity of the world closer to our son, extend his and our horizons. The ability to have every day something new to discover and experience. The freedom to keep life in your own hands. No dates, no customer conversations. An adventure, compressed to the important things in life for us.
Sounds almost like a little vacation?! Or at least it sounds for many thereafter. But the truth is different. It will be a very resource-efficient and reduced life, effort and challenges will be on the agenda. Living on 12m2 with little privacy and luxury. A simple life. A self-experiment. Find out what you really need to be happy. But as the saying goes:

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone…

Do we grow rich with that? Definitely! Rich in experience, full of lifetime, full of values that are not measurable with money. Expected to 2,5 years in which we are able to see our son grow intensely, to spend time with the family. Experience nature, getting to know new cultures.

- Get out of the rat race and into life -